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Biv and the Mnemonics


Roy G Biv & The Mnemonic Devices


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Born out of Northern California, Biv and the Mnemonics create good times and happy melodies on their albums The Blue Orange (2009) and The Pace (2013). calls them “a folk rock band that owns a refreshingly uncalculated, cool style,” while calls The Pace “a happy-go-lucky jaunt of indie folk goodness.”


The Biv and the Mnemonics sound is evocative of the great folk-tinged rock of the past, while providing their own unique energy that can’t be resisted.

Live performances are rare, as the band members remain close (but geographically separated) friends.

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 copyright 2013

Also available on:  Spotify  -  Apple Music  -  Amazon

Biv and the Mnemonics is:


Jessie Alsop – Keys and Vocals

Ben Lang – Guitar and Vocals

Landon Moblad – Drums

Dan Paggi – Bass and Vocals

Evan Wardell – Guitar and Vocals



All songs on The Pace written and performed by

Biv and the Mnemonics



Andrew Tavis – Harmonica and Tambourine on “Ain’t on Our Way”

Steven Tyler Spinner – Tenor Sax on “Rolling Deep Into the Backwoods”

Josh Yenne – Pedal Steel Guitar on “The Winding Rivers of Northern California” and “Long Arm of the Law”


The Pace was recorded at Mission Street Recording Company in San Francisco, CA

with additional keyboards recorded at Origami Recording Lounge in Chico, CA


Produced and Mixed by Andrew Tavis and Biv and the Mnemonics


Engineered by Andrew Tavis and Lucius Bono


Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx


The Pace album artwork and design by Ashley Paggi

Promo video shot and edited by Matt Cope

 copyright 2009

Also available on:  Spotify  -  Apple Music  -  Amazon

Roy G Biv & The Mnemonic Devices is:


Dan Paggi and Ben Lang


All songs on The Blue Orange written and performed by

Roy G Biv & The Mnemonic Devices


Megan Romero – Backup Vocals

Byron Dunning – Backup Vocals

Steven Spinner – Flute, Sax, and Clarinet

Jeremy Gerst – Trumpet


Produced and Mixed by Dan Paggi and Ben Lang

Recorded by Dan Paggi and John Calmeyer

Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx


The Blue Orange album artwork and design by Conor Buckley



In June of 2007, in a room above a wooden garage in Sebastopol, CA, Dan Paggi (with help from John Calmeyer) recorded the drum tracks for The Blue Orange based on his collaborations with Ben Lang. From this humble beginning, Paggi and Ben recorded guitars, bass, percussion, vocals, keyboards, and every other sonic texture within at Paggi's home studio/garage in the Richmond District of San Francisco. It was a project of love of all music that came before them, with help from some close and talented friends.

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